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1. Dunmore East

Ancient Ireland
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Villages - Dunmore East Harbour

Home from the Sea...The Cruel Sea...
"...the wide-lying sea...the wonderful abyss...the ridge-backs of the flood...the wet-high, cold-venomed mountains of the truly deep ocean."

From "The Fate of the Children Of Turenn", an ancient Irish legend, one of The Three Sorrows of Story-Telling.

Irish Mythology

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Villages - Lalor's

Lalor's Strand

Villages - Lalor's

Mouth of Lalor's Cove

Villages - Dunmore Lighthouse

Dunmore Lighthouse

Villages - Yachts at Dunmore

Yachts at Dunmore

Villages - Dunmore Cottage

Dunmore Cottage

Villages - Dunmore tree

Cedar of Lebanon in Dunmore public park.

Villages - cove

Counsellors Strand

Villages - lighthouse

Dunmore East lighthouse
with Hook Head lighthouse in background.

Dunmore docks

Dunmore docks




Dunmore Memorial

Dunmore Memorial to all those lost at sea
along this coast since WW2.

Dunmore East Main Strand

Dunmore East - Main Strand (Lalor's)

European Commission Bathing Water Quality
Monitoring page for 6 County Waterford beaches,
including Dunmore East and Tramore.
Tips - If you're uneasy about water quality, keep away from streams.
Also, do your swimming during the afternoons of hot sunny days.
The sun's UV rays can dramatically reduce coliform pollution levels.

Dunmore East Counsellors

Dunmore East - Counsellors Strand

Dunmore East Harbour

Old Church at Killea

Dunmore East Harbour

Dunmore East Harbour

Dunmore East Harbour

Dunmore East Docks 1

Dunmore East Docks 2

Dunmore East Lalor's 1

Dunmore East

2. Passage, Cheekpoint, Duncannon and Ballyhack.
Upriver from Dunmore East, which stands at the mouth of the River Suir,
are the fishing villages of Passage East and Cheekpoint, on the Waterford side,
and Duncannon and Ballyhack, on Wexford's Hook peninsula.

Tall Ship

Tall Ship off Duncannon Fort

Sand Sculpture

Sand Sculpture at Duncannon Festival

Sand Sculpture

Ballyhack (left bank) and Passage East (right),
looking downriver.



Passage East

Passage East




Old and new Churches at Faithlegge,
near Cheekpoint

3. Tramore, Dunhill and Annestown.

3 miles west of the Suir Estuary is Tramore Bay, one of Ireland's favourite holiday resorts.
It's got beautiful beaches, but be warned -
the town and main beach are packed in good summer weather,
and the Amusement Park thumps out noise non-stop.

A few miles further west is the picturesque village of Annestown,
and Dunhill Village, noted for it's nearby dolmen and castle,
is 3 miles upstream from the mouth of the Anne River.

Tramore Bay
Miles of sandy beach.

Tramore Bay,
with Tramore Town in background.

Tramore Town.

Tramore Bay

"Keep off, keep off, good ship from me,
For I am the rock of misery".

Metalman, Tramore Bay,
with Brownstown pillars 3 miles away on far side of bay.

These pillars were built in 1823, in response to a terrible disaster in January 1816. 363 men, women and children were drowned when their transport ship, the "Seahorse", was driven ashore in Tramore Bay during a gale, probably mistaking the bay for the entrance to Waterford Harbour, three miles further east of Brownstown. By the time the crew realised their mistake, it was too late.

Newtown Cove, Tramore Bay

Tramore Bay

Backstrand and Sandhills, Tramore Bay.
Be careful on the backstrand - the tide comes in very quickly and can cut you off. Some parts are muddy and there may be quicksand. It's best to stay near high water mark.

Standing Stone,
near Tramore Bay.

Beach at Annestown.

Annestown Cottage

Annestown Thatched Cottage

Dunhill Village

Dunhill Cottage

Dunhill Dolmen
with Dunhill castle in the background.

Dunhill Castle

Dunhill Castle

Dunhill Castle

Dunmore East Lalor's 2

Lalor's Cove, Dunmore East

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All pictures taken within 10 miles of Waterford City center.
Last updated March 26th 2000.
All images are copyright and may not
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