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No More Bombing 3

Look at the huge list of victims at CNN . Each name of the 2180 listed so far (Oct 13) represents a tragedy. The names are from every continent. There are many Irish-American............ Ahearn Allen Barry Bohan Boland Boyce Boyle Brady 4 Brennans Broderick Buchanan Burke Burns Byrne Cahill Callahan Canavan Carey Carney Carroll Casey Caulfield Cawley Cleary Cleere Cody Coffey Conley Conlon Connor Connelly Connors Conway Corbett Corrigan Cosgrove Costello Coughlan Coughlin Coyle Cregan Crotty Cullen Cullinan Cummins Cunningham Devitt Devlin Doherty Dolan Dollard Donley Donovan Dowd Dowdell Dowling Downey Doyle Driscoll 3 Duffys Egan Fagan Fallon Fanning 2 Farrells Farrelly Fehan Feely Fegan Finnegan Finnerty Flannery 2 Foleys 3 Gallaghers Garvey Geraghty Gilligan Grady Grehan Halligan Halloran Hannafin Healy Heffernan Hennessey Hickey Higgins Holohan Judge 2 Keanes Keating 8 Kellys 3 Kennedys Keohane Kerwin Laverty Leahy Leavy Leavey Lenihan Linehan Linnane 10 Lynchs 2 Lyons 2 Magees Maher Mahon Mahoney Malone 2 Maloneys MacAleese MacAneney 2 McCabes McCann 4 McCarthys McCloskey McDermott 2 McDonnells McDowell McEneaney McGinley McGinly McGinn McGinnis McGinty McGowan McGuinn McGuire McHale 4 McHughs McKeon McKinney 2 Mclaughlins McMahon McNally McNeal McNeil McNulty McPadden McShane McSweeney 2 Meehans 3 Monaghans Moore Moran Mullan Mullin Mulligan 9 Murphys 3 O'Briens O'Callahan 3 O'Connors O'Doherty O'Grady O'Hagan O'Keefe O'Leary O'Mahoney O'Neill O'Rourke O'Shea O'Sullivan Quigley Quilty Quinn Regan Reidy Reilly 4 Ryan's Shanahan Shea Sheehan Slattery 4 Sullivans Sweeney Tallon Talty Tierney Tighe Walsh Whelan....Every country in the world could probably publish a similar list.

No Irish person, knowing what it means, can read that list of names without starting to cry, or wanting to hit something, or wanting to charge off on a war of vengeance.

And there, maybe, is a central point. That the outbreak of war is no longer an excuse for murder, rape, pillage, atrocities, massacres, mass murder etc. There has always been the tradition of the honourable warrior/soldier, side by side with the plunderer, rapist, mass murderer, but over the last 150 years or so, civilisation, under pressure from pacifists, peace activists, humanitarians, civilians and soldiers of goodwill and commonsense everywhere, has begun, in the Hague and Geneva Conventions, at the League of Nations, at the Nuremburg Trials, at the UN, to legally codify the laws of war, to set strict limits as to what can or can't be legally done, and especially to distinguish between combatants and non-combatants. Mass murder of civilians is now outlawed. Even the incidental killing of civilians in a bombing mission is outlawed if it's disproportionate to the benefit obtained.

This development, one would think, was something to be welcomed, enthusiastically supported and further developed, by all except terrorists. Yet, unless it suits them, as at Nuremburg, it's been resisted every step of the way by the major powers.