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Pictures of Ireland
N.B. Streaming video links are now inactive.

St. Patrick's Day
17th March 2000

Parade Times (NB LOCAL TIME),
Streaming Video and Webcam links.
Click location for Video. Expect delays.

You'll need RealPlayer, so download in advance
(***N.B. Look for RealPlayer 7 BASIC***).

You'll be leaving this site if you follow the links below,
so Bookmark/Add to Favorites if you want to return easily.

St. Patrick's Day jpg1

St. Patrick
and his famous snakes.
What time is it in Ireland?

I've been searching for streaming video links for the 6 weeks, and this is all I can come up with.
Either video arrangements for this year's St. Patrick's Day parades
are some kind of state secret, or streaming video of large events has become too bandwidth-hungry,
or it's become old-hat. My apologies that the list is so small.

I'm including some ordinary webcam (stills, not streaming video) links below.
While none of these are specifically for St. Patrick's Day,
at least if you know the parade route and time, you might see something.

The links below may also be of interest.

  • Gaelforce Live video streaming of Irish Music and Dance ( March 17th 20.00 GMT)
  • Ghostwatch Live from a haunted Belfast linen mill.


Last updated 16th March 2000.

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